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Welcome to newbe

As new parents ourselves, we vividly remember the incredible whirlwind that parenthood brings, especially during those first 12 months. The moment we held our little girl in our arms, we were overwhelmed with immense love and joy, but also with a myriad of emotions like worry, anxiety, and uncertainty.

During those early days, we often found ourselves seeking assistance, advice and reassurance. Sleepless nights, feeding challenges, and fussy moments left us feeling both exhilarated and exhausted.

It was this personal experience that sparked the idea of newbe - an app dedicated to providing new parents with a safe and nurturing space where they could connect with a like-minded global community. A place where we could all share our stories, seek advice, and find solace in the shared joys and struggles of parenthood.

In creating newbe, we knew that having a knowledgeable and supportive system was vital. That's why we integrated powerful AI into our app - to be the virtual friend and advisor we needed during our early days as parents. In a unique blend of human-connection and leading-edge technology, newbe provides personalized insights, thoughtful responses, and valuable reassurance for every parenting query - all hours of the day, every day.

Our journey through parenthood's first 12 months taught us the power of a caring community and the significance of having reliable support on this incredible adventure. We wanted to extend that support to all new parents and carers out there, so they could embrace this journey with confidence, knowing they're not alone.

At newbe, we invite you to step into our family - a community that understands your joys and concerns, celebrates your milestones, and offers a helping hand when you need it most. Together, we'll navigate the ups and downs and cherish every precious moment - every step of the way.

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